Trial Case Successes

These are just a summary of typical court trial successes:


State vs. L.F.

Union Municipal Court

DWI Client with .14% BAC reading receives reduced 3 month NJ License suspension (rather than a 7 month suspension), minimum fines, all other tickets dismissed. After Thomas Ambrosio makes successful legal attack of Alcotest procedures.

State vs. M.L.

Client had 4 criminal complaints – possession of heroin, cocaine, drug paraphernalia, illegal possession of a stun gun and 4 motor vehicle tickets.

Client plead to failure to make a lawful disposition of drugs and a 2 point ticket. All other charges dismissed, 1 year probation, partial waiver of mandatory fines, no drivers license suspension.
Clifton Municipal Court

State vs. A.P-T

Client was accused of 5 counts including conspiracy – second degree, maintaining or operating a controlled dangerous substance production facility – first degree, Possession of Controlled Dangerous Substance with intent to Distribute – first degree, Possession of a Control Dangerous Substance – Third Degree, Possession with Intent to Distribute Drug Paraphernalia – Fourth Degree, Money Laundering – Third Degree,

Case dismissed with prejudice.
Passaic County Superior Court

USA vs. M.V.

Client was involved in a 25 kilo cocaine conspiracy and arrested with $500,000 cash and captured on wire tap. He had 7 prior criminal convictions and was facing 20 year mandatory minimum sentence and life in prison if convicted at trial. US Probation and the government requested a 140 month sentence. At sentencing the Court was persuaded to grant client a variance based upon the argument that client had a severe drug addiction which was used by the Government’s cooperating witness to entice client into participating in a large drug deal. The Court ended up imposing a 96 month sentence, a huge reduction of prison time.

Southern District of New York


State vs. Rorys V.

Client charged with $8,000.00 theft. Case was dismissed.


USA vs. Santagelo

Doctor Sentenced to 63 Months in Prison for Accepting $1.8 Million in Bribes for Test Referrals

Practice Area: Medicare Healthcare Fraud

Date: July 08, 2015


State vs. Wisnewski

DWI trial – client charged with DWI. Client was given improper prescribed dosage of Ambien. Client consented to blood test. Municipal court denies defendant’s motion to suppress illegal warrant-less taking of blood. Case appealed to Superior Court – DWI is Dismissed

Practice Area:DUI & DWI

Date: Nov 05, 2014

Union County Superior Court


USA vs. Chung

Bank Fraud, Aggravated Identity Theft, Wire Fraud, – 9 week federal trial – Hung Jury – client Not Convicted, client alleged to have confessed to FBI Agent – 1,000s of pages of documents, 9 co-defendants testified against client at trial. Government sought 5 years federal prison. Client ultimately agreed to a sentence of house arrest. On house arrest client was allowed to leave home to work, attend church, seek medical attention.

Practice Area:Federal Crime

Date:Jul 18, 2013

District of New Jersey


USA vs. Gumbs

Complex Federal RICO case – represented leader of one of the largest gangs in New Jersey – 100s of hours of wire tap conversations –The racketeering conspiracy count to which Gumbs pleaded guilty carries a maximum potential penalty of 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. Reduced a 20 year sentence by a full 6 years.


USA vs. Hassan Fahim

Eastern District of NY – Money Laundering charges – Client accused of laundering $600,000 in cash while attempting to board a plane bound for Egypt. Government plea offer called for over 1 year federal prison, a loss at trial would have resulted in a 5 year prison sentence. Jury found client NOT GUILTY of all counts.

Practice Area:Federal Crime

Date:Jul 23, 2003

US District Court, Brooklyn

USA vs Brugat

Federal Court – Tampa, FL – 2500 kilo cocaine case – client facing life in prison – negotiated very favorable plea of 10 years

USA vs Nowak

Complex Mortgage Fraud – 50,000 pages of documents –


State vs. Jesus Suarez

Death Penalty Double Homocide Trial – full acquittal – 22 counts Not Guilty – one of the few attorneys in the state on NJ (perhaps the country) to get a complete Not Guilty verdict on a Death Penalty case. Thomas Ambrosio fights hard and does not back down.

Practice Area:Criminal Defense

Date:Jun 30, 1995

Essex County Superior Court, Newark NJ