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Nonviolent crimes committed in business settings – typically called white-collar crimes – often come with harsh sentences and long jail times. If you’re charged with business fraud, money laundering or some other type of white-collar crime, you need an attorney you can trust. Thomas Ambrosio, Esq. aggressively defends clients charged with white-collar and computer-related crimes. Thomas service clients from the Newark, Jersey City and New York City areas. When you need a criminal attorney, call 201-935-3005 to speak with Thomas Ambrosio, Esq.

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If you’re charged with a federal crime, you will have to go to federal court. These cases are much more complex than state and civil cases, and they require an attorney that specializes in federal criminal defense. A standard criminal defense lawyer might not understand the differences in prosecution, judges, bail and trial schedules that federal court presents. You can’t afford to choose a weak attorney for your federal court case.

Attorney Ambrosio focuses his practice on a wide range of federal white-collar, fraud and computer-related crimes. These include:

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Thomas Ambrosio, Esq. has been practicing criminal law for 26 years. His law office focuses on federal criminal defense cases, and he’s served as defense counsel in more than 130 trials in the Newark, NJ and New York,NY areas. His diverse range of legal knowledge comes in handy when he’s working with clients charged with all types of fraud and computer crimes.

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